About the Artist

Allen From llizz

     Passion, addiction, compulsion, aggravation, exhilaration. All are words I've used at one time or another to describe my relationship with photography and the constant urge to create by making images.

     Born and raised on the Canadian prairies (originally from Humboldt, SK and now living in Regina), I have spent the last 30+ years photographing the prairie landscape; always intrigued by our wide open skies, incredible sunrises and sunsets, and the natural patterns that occur in nature. As our family travel patterns have changed, recent years have seen a significant growth in my photography from foreign lands. 

     A couple years working in a commercial studio early in my career confirmed that landscapes and nature images were more my style than crying babies and weeping brides. Consequently my career has followed other paths over the years while photography remains a constant behind the scenes.

     Being a firm believer that it is the eye behind the camera and not the equipment itself that makes a photograph, I have rarely felt encumbered by 'old' hardware or restricted to any specific platform. Canon digital SLR bodies and lenses, various consumer and prosumer level point-and-shoots, and a Noblex 150F swing lens panoramic film camera fill my camera bags at the moment.  And who doesn't have a smartphone in their pocket at all times of the day.

     I hope you enjoy the images collected on this site. Your comments and critiques of both my photography and web development are welcome. New content will be regularly added, so please come back often.

NOTE: All images on this site are protected by Creative Commons licensing.

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